Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Our Tubs seat on average between 5/6 people.
  2. Our engineers will assemble and  set it up for you and answer any queries you may have, there is no need to worry, we are here to help in any way we can. We will also leave you with a list of everything you may need to know during the period of your hire.
  3. You will need a flat surface to accommodate it and need at least 8 feet of unobstructed and flat area to ensure the Tub can be set up safely and securely.
  4. You will need a safe and adequate electricity supply for the duration of the hire near to the tub to heat the water.
  5. People with medical conditions and expectant mothers would need to consult their doctor before using the Tub.
  6. The Tubs come in flat beds for ease of access to any gardens or outdoor areas you wish them to be assembled in.
  7. Yes, each of our Tubs has her own name, as they are all very much part of the Alpine family.
  8. You will need a hose with the correct connections for your water supply from your house to enable the Tub to be filled.
  9. Our engineers will run you through the basic details you need to know to ensure you have a fantastic experience with Alpine and before leaving will get you to sign to let us know you are comfortable with the process of caring for the Tub during the hire period, but please do not worry, we have a number you can call if you need any help.
  10. The Tubs take an average of 3/4 hours to fill.
  11. Heating the water to the desired temperature usually takes between 24 and 36 hours, please bear this in mind when arranging delivery.